CT- Should I pay the fine on my civil demand letter from Walmart?

Today I just got caught stealing items that equaled up to be less than $10 and was caught. Went to the back with LP and they took down my license info, name, address, social, picture and had me sign something. They told me I would get a fine in the mail that can equal to $250. After doing a lot of research, I saw that it was going to be a civil demand letter asking for money and many lawyers on avvo said to ignore it. However, I am from CT and don't know if things are different here. Should I pay it? I think it is a ridiculous amount to pay for something that equaled less than $10 and they ended up taking it back too.. I even offered to pay for the items afterwards. What will happen if I ignore this letter? Will it ruin my credit? Will I get arrested, sent to court, etc?

New Haven, CT -

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Salvatore Bonanno

Salvatore Bonanno

Criminal Defense Attorney - Hartford, CT


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John Paul Thygerson

John Paul Thygerson

Criminal Defense Attorney - Norwalk, CT

Ignore it and it will go away. Walmart is not going to pay attorney fees to sue you in small claims court.

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