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Criminal punishment for racial discrimination

Pomona, CA |

I am Asian American and I live in an apartment complex heavily populated by Hispanic/Mexican Americans. I am getting taunted and verbally bothered when I would walk around the complex to do laundry or get the mail, mainly by the children in the complex. I was not going to let childs’ play bother me until one night when I went to get my laundry they ganged up in front of me to block my passage and one child even held up her scooter to prevent me from passing. I was enraged at the children’s discrimination that I pulled the scooter from the child and went to talk to her mother. The mother did not believe that her children could have possible done such a thing. I just want to know what I can do or say to them about the consequences of their actions towards me.

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Although you didn't ask, here is some advice about the consequences of YOUR actions: Don't take any more scooters from kids! You could wind up in jail yourself.

This kid's mother obviously doesn't believe her little darling could do anything wrong, so telling her about possible consequences of his actions isn't going to do any good. If she had called the police to complain about that nasty woman who took away her poor baby's scooter, you very well might have been arrested.

Contact the management of your apartment complex and ask them to do something about it. If they don't, or if you are threatened, call the police.

You may also be able to get a restraining order to stop the harassment. Check with the clerk's office at your local courthouse. They should have a packet with all of the necessary forms and instructions.

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