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Criminal defense possession of controlled substance

Houston, TX |

people have told me that the more money you pay a lawyer, the better it is for your case. Is this true?

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Well, that depends on who you spend the money on. There is large difference between quality and experience in lawyers whose services are for sale.

PCS is usually a felony charge, so you have to take this seriously. You should be willing to spend a good sum of money if you want any chance of getting a deferred adjudication, a regular probation or any kind of plea bargain or quality defense if you plan on going to trial.

You should take the selection of your attorney soberly and carefully. I can recommend a few attorneys to start: Mark Thering and Cynthia Guerra. If neither of these attorneys can help you, they can refer you to others that will best suit you and your case.

The attorney client relationship is a special relationship: make sure you hire the best fit for your case.


Despite the money you spend a lawyer the facts of your case will not change. If the facts clearly show you are guilty the amount you spend on your attorney will not change that. However, an experienced attorney may be able to properly analyze your case to determine if there are issues that suggest that the police and\or the government did something wrong in your particular case.

You should hire an attorney based on their experience and your comfort level with him\her. You should contact an attorney as soon as possible and meet with them in person. They should be able to explain to you many things to you that will make you feel more comfortable. Most criminal defense attorneys, like myself, offer a free initial consultation.

Good luck and contact me directly if you have any other more specific questions.


Short answer: possibly. Long answer: In many cases, attorneys who charge more are going to be willing to dedicate more time and effort to defend your case. The reality is, like anything else, you want the best you can afford. An attorney who is charging rock-bottom prices is doing so for a reason. In those cases, you do get what you pay for (not much). On the other hand, there is an upper limit on what is reasonable. If you're looking to be well represented, consult with at least 2-4 attorneys in person (many won't do more than talk over the phone, but face-to-face is the way to evaluate any professional service). When you've done that, you'll know what the market "average" is for your case. "Average" will likely get you decent representation. If you can afford more, great. At least you'll have an idea if it's worth it from meeting the person and hearing their philosophy.
Story time: I recently met with a client who initially retained my services, and then decided to use an attorney who charged a great deal less than I did. Because I had already begun work on the case, I had to appear in court for the defendant's initial appearance to withdraw as his attorney. The attorney's "stand-in" (not the attorney he hired) appeared about 1/2 hour late, then proceeded to convince the poor guy to give up right then (and not for any good reason). I'd never say "I told ya so" to him, but I think he got his money's worth.

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