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Criminal Defense-Felony Res. Burg

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In this case, i was recently arrested for a Res. Burg. At 18 yrs old, charged as an adult, i kno theres no way out of this one because i was nervous and thought i was going to be let go so i wrote a statement on my self and had 3 others from the victims. The bad part is i was arrested for the same thing as a juvenile when i was 16 and currently on probation. The same judge is doing my adult case that did my juvenile case(ironic). I guess my question would be is i know the illinois law is Felony class 1 is 4-15 years non-probationable, whats the chances of me getting prison for this. I made a mistake when i was young,and got rehab and have been on probation for around 2 and a half years and never failed a uranalysis or had any other type of contact w/ the law. I dont think mentally im stable for any of this. I have several mental diagnosis, and i do have my lawyer but its my second one now, i got rid of my first one. But he barely is in contact w/ me hes too busy but he's a really good lawyer, and im just too nervous about the whole situation. I really dont think i should have to go to prison. Im almost graduated and that would ruin alot of things. Is there really any other way i can approach this? Maybe a new lawyer.... ? I just had a Court-Date and my first lawyer filed a motin to withdraw from the case and have to go back next month w/ my new one.


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Find an attorney that you are comfortable with and trust that they will do their best job advocating for you.
Unfortunately, in the small space provided for questions one is unable to get a full background of the matter. In the situations such as you are explaining you should immediately seek the counsel of a capable attorney that practices in this area of law or if you cannot afford an attorney, you should seek a social service organization in your area. This answer is general in nature and does not form an attorney client relationship. If you would like to get more information on this topic or to establish an attorney client relationship please contacts my office.
This may be deemed an advertisement and as such: information contained within this answer has been approved by Bradley L. Schencker, a licensed attorney to practice law in the State of Illinois, for any questions contact Bradley L. Schencker by the methods provided herein.


Local criminal defense lawyers will be familiar with the defenses and sentencing alternatives. Be prepared to give your lawyer all relevant mental health records.
Good Luck


You should always find an attorney with whom you are comfortable with and with whom you can talk. Many attorneys are in court during the day. Try providing him/her with a way to reach you in the evenings.

Don't jump ship on this lawyer until he has had time to review your case, file the appropriate motions or advise you.

Each county is different. Verify that your lawyer works in this county regularly.

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