Criminal Complaints against Bankruptcy Judge and chapter 7 trustee should be filed where? The case is in Trenton, New Jersey

Asked over 1 year ago - Bridgewater, NJ

I need to file a Criminal complaint against a US Bankruptcy Judge and a chapter 7 Trustee. The case is in Trenton, New Jersey. Please give all agencies that I could file Criminal Complaint.
Is there any private non-profit origination that can also take this complaint? If so please give websites and contact details.The Bankruptcy Judge and the chapter 7 trustee are both responsible in-justice . Bankruptcy Judge conspire to create a procedural problem to derail my allegations and facts.

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  1. Jack Richard Lebowitz


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    Answered . Are you appearing pro se (without a lawyer)? What does your lawyer say about your notion of criminal charges? Usually judges as government employees are insulated from such criminal charges and liability. Did they break any specific ethical rules such as the code of judicial responsibility (usually way out stuff that their relative was a creditor of you). It sounds to me like your notion is that by not informing you of some procedural pitfall, your case was damaged. But this is not criminal, negligent or unethical.

    That's why people hire lawyers because they don't know those rules or gotchas. Even lawyers usually hire other lawyers who specialize in areas of the law the lawyer is not thoroughly familiar with. And lastly, you file a criminal complaint with the police. A criminal complaint would be something like the judge solicited a bribe.

  2. Carl H Starrett II

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    Answered . Disagreeing with a judge's ruling and the actions of a trustee are not grounds for criminal charges.

    First, the firm is a debt relief agency according to the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. We help people file for bankruptcy.... more
  3. Alan D. Walton


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    Answered . You would contact the United States Attorney for you district. Odd are though that you are misguided in you conclusion. You should talk to a bankruptcy attorney about your claims.

  4. Glenn R Reiser


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    Answered . First of all, it would be inappropriate to blame a bankruptcy judge or bankruptcy trustee for your plight. Remember, you are the one who filed for bankruptcy - it's a voluntary process. To do so exposes your personal assets and liabilities for the whole world to see. Just like with all court proceedings, there can be risks in filing for bankruptcy. That's why it's critical to make sure the decision to file bankruptcy is carefully explored beforehand.

    Depending on the circumstances, sometimes filing for bankruptcy can do more harm than good especially if there are assets that have value or that have been transferred to relatives or friends to avoid aggressive creditors. I don't know what advice, if any, that you received before making the decision to voluntarily file a bankruptcy case. While you may not like the decisions or positions taken by the judge or trustee, that doesn't translate to a criminal act. Debtors are not the only parties in a bankruptcy case whose interests are at stake. Creditors have rights too, and both the judge and trustee, and the debtor must be mindful of that.

    Perhaps there is more to your story, but in any event another colleague said it right. I believe judges and trustees have immunity from criminal lawsuits for acts done in the good faith exercise their respective duties of employment.

    This answer does not constitute specific legal advice or create an attorney-client relationship between Glenn R.... more

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