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Criminal complaint filed against me

Milton, MA |

I received a criminal complaint for not pulling a building permit. We were hired to do a small repair job. The local building inspector saw the job being done and informed the laborers to pull a permit. I coordinated the job and subs but didn't do any of the work. Unfortunately I'm still working in an apprentice capacity so I can't pull a permit and my business partner, who holds the necessary licenses didn't finalize the permit before the criminal complaint was issued.

Can I be held personally responsible for this even though the work was contracted through the company?

Attorney Answers 3

  1. There are a lot of relevant details which aren't in your post. However: if you are named in the complaint, then you can in theory be held liable. That's what the complaint is for.

    I strongly suggest that you hire an attorney ASAP. You may end up in a lot of trouble, and you need help.

  2. Not being properly licensed for a job can be an issue. The Attorney General's office usually takes care of claims regarind licensing. I wouldn't talk to anyone about this issue especially the police.

  3. You really should hire a local attorney, it will save you alot of headaches in dealing with this yourself. By reading your question you are admitting to liability so you can't say that at a hearing, if you coordinated the subs then you are partially liable. be careful and take care.