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Criminal charges

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Whats the point of getting a charge changed or reduced if it still shows the orginal on your record. Whats the advantage?

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    Well, lets say you were charged with a Burglary as a felony but they change it Burglary as a misdemeanor, it is better to be convicted of a misdemeanor than a felony. Or, lets say you were charged with Petty Theft as a misdemeanor and they reduce to an infraction its better to have an infraction than a misdemeanor. Or lets say you were charged with Petty Theft as a misdemeanor and they change to charge to a Disturbing the peace violation, that is better than a Petty Theft on your record.

    A dismissal in all cases is the best!

    Elliot Zarabi

  2. Sometimes employers will not accept felons. If it was reduced to a misdemeanor you could apply for more jobs. Also, it can affect your ability to get state and federal loans. It may also affect your ability to vote.

  3. There's a lot more to a felony or a misdemeanor than just what shows on your record. Getting a felony reduced to a misdemeanor also means that many rights (like those Mr. Rusca mentioned- like voting, the right to own a I firearm, etc.) are preserved and that the court can no longer send you to prison as a consequence of your conviction.

    Additonally, even if the record shows the original charge, you can always prove the reduction occurred with the docket, transcript or a minute order.

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