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Credit company is suing me for 1,500 ,can't pay,can they repossess my car

Fort Washington, MD |

The car is under my name and my mother ,haven't Finnish paying,still owe 20,000,can they take my car,? Please help me!

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You're a bit unclear. Is the company that is suing you the same company who possesses your note to the car? If it's a credit card company suing you for only $1500, then it's likely an unsecured debt which means that your car cannot be repossessed. If, however, you're in default on your auto loan, then yes, the car can be repossessed.

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They cannot repossess your car. They can get a judgment against you and then try to enforce a judgment which may include forcing the sale of the car. You need to speak to someone who handles BK matters.

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