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Credit card "take over". Did the creditor act negligently?

Brockport, NY |

My credit card account was “taken over”. The thieves contacted Discover Card and made them believe that they were talking to me. D.C then let the thieves into my account. From there the thieves changed the profile including my name in order to receive a new card for a newly added authorized user. D.C. concluded the thieves had my credit report and were able to provide accurate identifying information. When informed that my credit report was requested 9 days prior from someone in marketing I was told that was SOP for them and that they would be closing the investigation. Has Discover Card acted negligently and am I entitled by some means to be made whole again? No transactions were made.

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If there was no transactions made - then simply cancel all of your cards as the identity thieves might use the personal information to get more credit cards to use. Also the ID thieves might try to get loans, mortgages, etc using your stolen ID - contact a hotline and or a federal agency to help you deal with the ID theft and to stop any future fraud.

Alisa Sondak

Alisa Sondak


Since you did not suffer any damages here - there is no need to make you whole. If the credit card company complied with all the required security protocols in place, I doubt that the credit card can be held liable for this incident.

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