Court record states that my ex is not to contact me again. He is texting/calling. Grounds for a permanent restraining order?

My ex boyfriend (no children or assets together) filed an order of protection against me that was dismissed by joint motion in court. It was agreed, on record, that neither one of us would contact the other again. Three weeks later, he sent me 19 text messages in the middle of the night including lewd photographs that are not of me. He called me names and asked me if he should publish them. I also found missed calls on my telephone. Given that he agreed on record never to contact me again, is this grounds for a permanent restraining order against him? I hired a lawyer to defend myself against his protective order (which again, was dismissed). Do I need an attorney to pursue him so that he legally can never contact me again?

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Christopher Daniel Leroi

Christopher Daniel Leroi

Business Attorney - Parker, CO

There is no order to enforce at this time, so you need to simply report it to law enforcement.

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James A Reed

James A Reed

Criminal Defense Attorney - Colorado Springs, CO

Your question is a little confusing. If you two agreed to leave each other alone, but no court order was entered, there is not a restraining order.

Nevertheless, repeated contacts and sending the graphic photos is probably criminal harassment. Call the police and have whatever you have from the court to show them as well.

Gary Roger Waitzman

Gary Roger Waitzman

Estate Planning Attorney - Lincolnshire, IL

I agree with Mr. Reed. Contact the police and pursue the restraining order. His conduct seems excessive and inappropriate based on your facts.

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