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Court hearings between the Lawyers and Judge. Can I request a copy of that meeting?

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When two opossing lawyers meet with a judge a few days before a court hearing date, is a Court Recorder present at the time taking notes, and can I request a copy of them? My case has been postponed for over 4 years at these small hearings that I am unaware of, until it's over and postponed! I would like to see in writing if what I have been told, is what happened. Four years X Four hearings a year = 12 postpones.

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No, these meetings are not recorded. What happens in Chambers is off the record. You can request that the hearings be held on the record. However, before doing so you should have a frank conversation with your attorney. Ask him why it is been delayed so long, what is his strategy and what is his goal? It could be that you have a very difficult case. As you had given no details I do not know.

Good luck, Jeff

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Paul Stanko

Paul Stanko


Well said.