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Court had included in our court order wednesday calls to discuss our child's upbringing

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so far it's only been happening for my ex to yell at me and scream at me. Any discussions or concerns I may have he shuts down. So tonight he got mad because he wants to change these calls to a different day so he can go to his summer league games. How will this play to my advantage? Can i sway the judge to not give him any more days? a weekend of his tournament falls on his weekend with her and he's not even available but will have his family take care of her.

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  1. The judge will "play" this to your child's advantage. Not yours. At least that is the goal of all this. He may assign someone to mediate your discussions - that you will have to pay for - and come up with suggestions for the judge to resolve them. There is no one way this will "play". And if it is reasonable to change the day, the day will be changed. It is to accommodate such weekend plans in part that you HAVE your Wednesday discussions.

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  2. There is no easy answer. Essentially, you must ask yourself if it is really that important to fight this issue or merely try to work with the guy to do what's best for your children.

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  3. If this is not working, you will need to file an application with the Court. If he wants to change the day for the call, and you do not agree, he would also have to file an application with the court. I am not quite sure what the court thought this weekly call would accomplish if the two of you do not get along, but it is a court order that you have to follow until it is changed.

    There are perhaps some other tools you could use to try to help resolve the conflicts and create a record of what is occurring. The obvious is email communication. Another tool that could be utilized is It can be used by both of you, and will allow you to export and print the records for any future court hearings.

    I might also recommend you ask the court to send you back to the court mediation where you will not have to pay attorneys to attend but might be able to work a resolution that is acceptable to you.

    There are never easy answers when it comes to these issues. Keep good records and get the right representation. Good luck.

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  4. You may wish to return to court to ask a judge to compel all communications in writing or via email/text for a paper trail.

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