Court agrees they are not proper venue but do not assign another court for jurisdiction.

Case started in Nelson County - a supposed to be agreed divorce turns ugly. Under duress, he bullied sole custody. I remarried and then while having emergency custody of my son I ran for 4.5yrs because they were going to revert custody back to him. I had worries about my son's wellbeing that the court refused to address even with documented evidence. After being arrested in 2007, custody and visitation was determined as hm with sole, me with ample visitation. Visitation was restricted to supervised when my husband and I separated. With pre-trial diversion for custodial interference as his evidence, my visitation was restricted that I was now unstable. Today Judge agreed with ex that venue in Fayette county no longer proper. How do I take it into Nelson County where the divorce originated?

Bardstown, KY -

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Jeffery Paul Alford

Jeffery Paul Alford

Child Custody Lawyer - Paducah, KY

You need to consult an attorney to assist you. Generally, you will have to have the judge that has the case now enter a specific order directing the clerk to transfer the case and set out in detail why venue is no longer proper in Fayette County. Do not try to do this on your own.

David Alexander Browde

David Alexander Browde

Family Law Attorney - Chappaqua, NY

Consult a local attorney rather than trying to do it yourself. What you're doing so far obviously isn't working.

Under the rules governing the conduct of attorneys in New York it may be necessary to remind you that this answer... more
Robert Bruce Kopelson

Robert Bruce Kopelson

Personal Injury Lawyer - San Jose, CA

This should be in divorce heading.

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