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Could someone tell me what I can do to contest this ticket ? What is diiference between Plea of guilty and Plea of No contest ?

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I am a resident of ALABAMA and this last weekend I visited Atlanta, GA .I met with an accident and this happened right in front of the hotel I was staying in when I was taking
a left turn into the hotel parking deck. I was hit by a vehicle coming in at a very high speed on the left rear wheel of my SUV. There was a minimal damage (minor scratches) to my SUV and the vehicle that hit me had a considerable body damage on the left front end.
Immediately, the other driver called 911 and when Cop [Atlanta police] came in, I explained the incident but he gave me a citation for improper left turn after hearing to a taxi driver who accused me to be at fault . The cop took his details as witness to this incident. The citation requires me to attend the municipal court in 2 weeks time.

Could some

one tell me what I can do to contest this ticket ? The citation doesn't say anything about the fine I need to pay can someone tell me how much it can be? What is diiference between Plea of guilty and Plea of No contest ? What will be the impact if ask for Plea of No Contest .

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  1. The fact that you hold an Alabama driver license and the incident occurred in Georgia means the final disposition of the case will be reported by the Georgia court to the Alabama Department of Public Safety for entry on your Alabama driver license. Unless you are "acquitted", the clerk of the court will send the court abstract to Alabama for entry on your Alabama driver license.

    The state of Alabama does not by statute or by decisional law recognize the plea of nolo contendre. However, the state of Georgia does and that is a common plea in the state of Georgia. Under Alabama law, a plea of nolo contendre is the functional equivalent of a plea of guilty. See, Code of Alabama, 1975, section 32-5A-195(i) and see the case of Bell v. Department of Public Safety where the appeallate court held that an out of state plea of nolo contendre to a DUI (in Georgia) was the same for purposes of license sanction as an in-state plea of guilty.

    If you wish to contest the case, you should seek the professional legal services of a Georgia attorney, and one who practices extensively in the area of traffic law and driver licensing.

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