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Could I travel internationally while on a court probation for a DUI?

Milpitas, CA |

I would like to know if there are any travel restrictions to travel abroad (as tourists) while I am still under court probation for a DUI. I call the Clerk's Office and the lady there said she had never heard of anyone traveling while under court probation. I thought that was strange.

Thanks for the quick responses. I will be traveling to Japan and the Consulate suggested that I bring court documents that I have fulfilled all of the requirements so far (fines, DUI class, license suspension). Would it be wise to bring my court documents and documents showing I've completed the DUI class, paid my fines and my license with me for if the immigration officer asks?

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  1. There is absolutely no restriction on traveling ANYWHERE while on misdemeanor DUI probation unless a Judge should specifically say so. Enjoy your trip... OK, one place but it's not exactly what you meant... CANADA ! They don't want you to visit...

  2. Unless there was a specific probation condition that you remain in the country, you are free to travel. Good luck to you.

  3. What's wrong with Canada? Eh?

  4. Are you a U.S. citizen? That's important to know. But, regarding "court" probation, there's no restriction on traveling abroad. Some countries, including Canada, however, can deny you entry even for a "dui." If your concern is only a possible probation violation, you should be fine unless there was a specific term or condition restricting travel. However, if you're concerned about being able to enter into another country (or even re-enter the U.S. if you're not a citizen), those questions should be addressed to an immigration attorney.

  5. It all depends on terms of probation. Most states have unsupervised and supervised probation. If you're on supervised probation you probably have to check with your probation officer. It all depends on the terms, but you will probably fine to travel out of the country.

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