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Could i get full custody if husband left me and my kids

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my husband cheated on me i forgave him but he said that he could leave her so he left me and my two kids pluse im pregnant with our 3rd . i dont work i dont have money only $100 he left us with . he lied and said he paid the rent last month and didnt land lord called me how do i go about having a rrof over my daughters heads and food just like before he left. if really cared about daughters he would have paid. im the one who does everything for our kids i need child support and custody . i heard some where once a parent leaves home they loose their rights not out to get his head just know that he does not keep his word

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  1. Well, he does not automatically "lose" custody. He will however have a hard time showing the court that it is in the best interests of the children, or that it promotes the children's "stability and continuity" to be placed with him. Custody generally flows in the manner that will preserve the "status quo" unless the children are in danger. You have clearly been the primary caretaker, he has clearly not taken their interests in needing him around when he left. So, the likely outcome is that yes, you will have custody and if he wants it, he will have some reasonable contact, but it is not probable that he would be successful if he tried to get custody.

    You should be contacting Department of Child Support Service as soon as possible. They will obtain and enforce an order for child support on your behalf. There is NO fee for their services.

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