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Could I get a no contact order from someone from another state?

Saint Louis, MO |

I just had a baby by a man who wants nothing to do with it and he has asked me to not contact him by letter, I haven't contacted him until baby was born and I sent him a birth annoucement along with baby's picture with his name on it. I also sent it to a few of his friends. He is also a cop and lives in different state than me. can i get in trouble. worried I made a mistake because I sent it to his work and he might put a no contact or harrasment charge on me.

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While I don't know how the law works in other states, I can say that it is generally difficult to get any type of "restraining order" on someone out of state. The reason is because if he files for such an order outside of Missouri, the sheriff in that state won't cross the state line to serve it to you.

Theoretically, he could file for the order in Missouri if he doesn't live too far away from the county you live in. He would file for what is called an "order of protection." In order to get one, you need to show that you have experienced some type of traumatic event and are in danger of future harm. My guess is that sending a baby announcement in the mail isn't threatening at all, so you probably have nothing to worry about.

Here is a link to some information on our website about orders of protection and how they work.

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