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Could I get pretrial diversion in my trail or something to get this off my recorded

League City, TX |

I was charged with a class b theft from a employer of $450 ,it's my first offence no spending tickets or anything my record is clean other then up to this . I just turned 19 and I'm in high school I love my my big sis since my parents died when I was young and I wanted to know if there was anyway I could keep this off of my recorded seeing that I made a big mistake and I don't want to ruining my life over $450 I was charged in Galveston county is there any hope or anything that could help me ?

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    Yes it is possible, and it is critical that you make sure whomever represents you pushes hard for that very result.

  2. Not all counties have a pretrial diversion program. Those that do have different requirements for eligibility. If you do not qualify for this program or it is not available, there are other ways to get this case off your record. Your attorney will walk you through all of this.

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  3. It is possible, but it will be more difficult because they take theft from employer cases more seriously (because of the serious break in trust.)

    You need a lawyer. You probably qualify for a free lawyer so try calling several local lawyers and getting fee quotes. Keep their name and contact information and quote to share when asked about your effort to hire a lawyer.

    Stay in school and do not have any unexcused abscenses.

    Cynthia Henley

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