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Could I fight my alcohol consumption charge?

Sarver, PA |

A few friends and I were in a parking lot of a concert. The officers pulled up and began to search the car. None of us were drinking at the time and were leaving when they pulled an empty bottle from the back of the car containing no alcohol. When questioned we replied that we had a drink or two before we went in. We weren't breathalyzed but received citations. This is my first offence and I work and go to college is there anyway I could get around the 90 suspension?

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There are a number of options with regard to an underage drinking. If the concert was in Hershey, there are programs that can help you avoid the conviction. In addition, there are ways that you can continue to drive during the 90 day suspension.

Obviously, the first issue is to determine whether or not law enforcement can establish the elements necessary to support a conviction.

Having a local lawyer can help your situation.

For more information, click a link below:

F. Dean Morgan, Esquire
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Hershey, PA 17033

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Yes there are ways to potential fight these charges or at the very least avoid a lengthy license suspension and conviction. I suggest you contact an attorney and sit down with them to go over possible defenses and all your options.

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The best thing is that you were not breathalyzed or charged with a DAI/DUI. That aside it is still a criminal charge which must be taken seriously. You can apply to get an occupational license, which could include traveling to and from school, in addition to getting ARD because this was a first offense. Also speak with your attorney about if you have to take a plea, making sure it is for disorderly conduct or some non-license invoking offense.

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