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Could i be charged with welfare fraud?

Houston, TX |

I have two children and have been receiving medicaid for my kids and snap in the amount of 526.00 for over 2 years we live with my mother the father of my children comes and goes when he comes hes around for months at a time he is not on child support but does provide for his kids to an extent. I had my re certification interview today and was told that he has been using my address on his TX DL and he recently got a car. I didnt know that he was using my address also I have never put him on the application as a provider. So my question is since he is using my address could they launch an investgation and eventually charge me with fraud?? Social worker just suggested that he should change his adderess.

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Child Support money is really for the kids. You should go to the Attorney General's office and apply.

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