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Could falsifying job application in MA have consequences?

Auburn, MA |

1. If acting in good faith I provided HR w info re: a new hire could there be any legal ramifications?
This individual falsified and misrepresented 1- her residential address using an actual PO Box instead of where she resides (and has not updated change of address with the RMV, either.) Being on call and able to respond is an essential job function which is impossible to do if one is an hour away vs. ten minutes away.
Also, she listed references for former supervisors/employers when they were actually subordinates/peers/friends NOT authorized to provide references (in one case reference used was no longer employed by one agency and in another case misrepresented their role as supervisor not former colleague/current friend.) This person is still w/i employment probationary period

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The lawyerly answer to this question is "maybe". A person who interferes with another person's contractual or advantageous business relationships with improper motives or means can be liable for that conduct. Putting aside the legal answer here for a minute, if public safety is not implicated here why would you want to meddle in someone else's business and potentially be the reason someone loses their job? Based on the limited facts in your question, I bet I am not the only one here who thinks that the best thing to do here is mind your own business.

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I absolutely agree with your concerns re: improper motives. My motive is that her job involves working with a highly vulnerable population and she was forced to resign from her previous job due to all.egations of misconduct. That said, I agree with "MYOB" and the laws of karma, but this is weighing heavy of my mind because I fear that she will further victimize those who cannot advocate for themselves. I much appreciate your knowledge. Thank you, Attorney DeMoura.


I agree with attorney DeMoura on this, I don't recommend perusing the claim. Sure there is a chance of consequences if you sign a document where you lie. If that document is a HR application for a private company than the likely consequence would be losing your job. However, listing a P.O. Box instead of a physical address would not be a 'lie' and it would likely be difficult to prove that the references were improper. Best to let it go.

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thank you, Attorney Ostendorf. I appreciate your knowledge. I struggle with people lying and "getting away with it" over and over again. Thank you.


I agree with Attorney DeMoura. What I would also add is that the facts presented may not be "falsehoods" or "lies." If the an answer is unresponsive (providing a P.O. Box instead of a physical address), it is not necessarily false. Think about your concerns about the oncall function. Does this mean that only neighbors of the facility can be hired?

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