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Asked about 3 years ago - San Antonio, TX

Okay, I have done some research and see the aprox. cost in Texas to have a record expunged is aprox a total of $800.00 to $1000.00. Usually half the cost is lawyers fees. My question is, is this the cost to expunge each case? Or your entire record? I have 2 cases on my record that I am able to get expunged... will I be double charged to have them both taken care of, or would they both be included? What is the usual?

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  1. Charles Elwood Soechting Jr.

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    Answered . In Texas, presuming the charges were two different offenses, even if they occurred in the same alleged criminal transaction, you will have to pay two separate filing fees for the motions. Many times attorneys will reduce their rates if there are two or more motions filed together or at the same time, but generally there will be a fee for each expungement.

    Good luck and feel free to contact me regarding your charges and the Motions to Expunge.

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  2. M Elizabeth Gunn

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    Answered . As long as both criminal cases were in the same county, you can actually file one expunction petition requesting expunction of both cases, which helps quite a bit on both the court costs (which are probably going to be something close to $350), as well as just making it easier (having to file only one petition instead of two, not having to potentially deal with two courts, setting two hearing dates, making sure the agencies have been served on both petitions, etc.). That said, it's hard to say what the prices you're being quoted are for--not all attorneys are even aware that you can expunge multiple cases with one petition, and it's possible that if the cases you're getting expunged aren't "companion cases" (more than one charge out of one arrest), they're charging you more because different agencies and circumstances may be involved. If you're having trouble finding an attorney to represent you for a price you can live with, feel free to give me a call at the number in the disclaimer below. I've handled a large number of expunction cases and I offer multiple representation and payment options to help make your expunction affordable.

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  3. John J. Ritenour Jr.

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    Answered . Just did one in Bexar County - one petition for three arrests out of the same incident. Just over $500 filing fees. If separate incidents, would be separate petitions. With limited exceptions, you cannot expunge a case in Texas in which you were granted probation. Court fees will vary from county to county, and depending on how many agencies have to be notified to expunge the record.

  4. Ross Bennett Erlich

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    Answered . The short answer is that the court filing fee per each case you want expunged in Los Angeles county is $120. Now, the longer answer is that the total cost will depend on whether the case was a felony or misdemeanor, are you still on probation, were there any violations while you were on probation and have you paid all fines and fees with the court.

    If you want to give me some additional information, that should help me give you a better estimate of the total fee that a good lawyer would charge

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