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my husbands attorney has been unethical and did things that no lawyer should do .
I also am certain he paid the JUDGE ..I called the FBI .
sent a complaint to FLORIDA BAR .I know if I had the funds to investigate he would get caught .
MY Trial ended with in such injustice hard for me to deal with what the judge has done .
how can a judge who is new on my case turn against me in such a way that no one can believe .
What JUdge takes away the kids from a mom who has raised them on her own and has taken such good care of them ,clean house ,home cooked food ,well mannered boys .
father has abused them and not taken them in months and at times a year .
I dont drink ,do drugs or go out .
Judge awarded my CON man husband custody ,no alimony ,no child support .
my boys wont go to the father.

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  1. Eric J Trabin

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    Answered . It's impossible to say whether a judge did anything improper without knowing what the issues were, what kind of evidence existed, and without even reviewing a transcript of the trial. There are so many factors that go into the decisions a court makes when it comes to children, but the court is supposed to apply a standard of what is in a child's best interests. It is obvious that you do not think your ex-husband should have much contact with the children but courts are more likely to place children with the parent that is more likely to foster a relationship with the non-custodial parent.

    It is good you reported your suspicions to law enforcement to investigate. The administration of justice is of paramount importance and the FBI will investigate to ensure the integrity of the system. Good luck.

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  2. David Sherman Cook

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    Answered . I think I just answered you in response to another question you posted along the same lines. Here was my answer to your other question, which I believe still applies here:

    You probably don't want to hear this, but most lawyers and judges are honest. You obviously were unhappy with the outcome in court, but there are LOTS of possible reasons for such an outcome having NOTHING to do with the honesty of your husband's lawyer or the judge. Perhaps the most significant factor in the outcome, apart from the evidence introduced in Court, was the fact that you did not have an attorney. Your lack of attorney may not have been significant per se, but your representing yourself is never a good idea, and may have limited your ability to effectively tell your side of the story. It sounds as though the judge has already made his decision, so your options are probably as you say: appeal and/or investigate and/or publicize your perceived injustice. Since this appears to be a Family Law matter, you should immediately try to find a free law clinic in your area, to see if you can find a lawyer to help you. Appeals must be taken within short periods of time after the court has ruled, though, so you cannot delay on this. If you cannot find an attorney to help you, or if it is too late to appeal, you could always go the "investigation/publicity" route; but, in all honesty, you are at great risk of simply sounding like a malcontent, and you may have a hard time getting folks to take your claims seriously. Appeal is clearly the better option if it is available. But, if there is a next time, do yourself a favor and get an attorney. Best of luck.

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  3. Jack Richard Lebowitz


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    Answered . It's often difficult to understand why you lost any trial, but a better place to start rather than assuming corruption like "payoffs" is to recognize that judges and lawyers are human beings and may make stupid or wrong decisions without necessarily being evil or incompetent.

    Rather than calling the FBI and filing complaints with the Bar, have you considered the most logical avenue for redress of erroneous trial decisions: an appeal to the higher courts?

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