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Cook County Small Claims: Case dismissed w/ prejudice; am I (defendant) still entitled to appearance fee?

Chicago, IL |

Just completed a sub-$1000.00 small claims debt suit, represented myself Pro Se. Plaintiff filed motion to dismiss at trial, judge decided case was with prejudice. I neglected to ask judge to include refund of my appearance fee in her order.

Am I still entitled to a refund of my appearance fee from Plaintiff- even if no order exists? Is there any remedy at this point or did I miss the boat?

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    You could file a motion for reimbursement but it really isn't worth the time and trouble. The dismissal with prejudice is a win for you.

  2. You missed the boat. You could ask the court to reconsider, but you're better off spending your time enjoying Chicago's fine weather or trying a new hobby.

  3. Unfortunately, you are not.

    The author provides the preceding information as a service to the public. Author's response, as stated above, should not be considered legal advice. An initial attorney-client conference, based upon review of all relevant facts/documents, will be necessary to provide legal advice upon which the client should then rely.

  4. The appearance fee goes to the County. There is no process to get a refund from the County. The only way the plaintiff would be required to pay your costs is if a contract provided for the party who wins to pay the other party's costs. Be thankful the case was dismissed with prejudiced. And the matter is now resolved.

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