Conversatorship for brother - VICTIM OF VIOLENT CRIME

A friend's brother was a victim of a violent crime last week in the city of Fontana, CA. He has severe brain injury. His girlfriend has his car and his ATM (girlfriend is a suspect in attack as well) His daughter would liike to gain conservatorship over his affairs to be able attend to his affairs accordingly. The family has very limited funds and is seeing help from any agency or can someone please advise what they should do. .

Fontana, CA -

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Michael Robert Weinstein

Michael Robert Weinstein

Estate Planning Attorney - Santa Ana, CA

Obtaining a conservatorship for your friends brother is an expensive undertaking. If the victim is without funds, the public guardian or social services may petition the court to be named his conservator. If the victim has assets sufficient to support him, the daughter can hire an attorney to represent her in being named conservator and the attorney is paid out of the victims assets.

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Michael John Harrington

Michael John Harrington

Child Custody Lawyer - Murrieta, CA

I agree with my colleague's answer. Also, I would add that adult protective services, a county agency, may assist in getting this matter to the public guardian where county counsel can file for conservatorship. Next of kin can also file, but I'd call Adult Protective Services or the police for possible immediate help. Taking advantage of a dependent adult or elderly person is a serious offense.

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