CONTINUATION FROM:I was fired by my employer when a resident said i verbally abused her her rm is next to the nurses station

Asked about 2 years ago - Columbus, MS

i finally called the director of the nursing home &started stated these facts about the cna not being investigated & asked him if this really did happen then why didn't the nurse get up and stop this so called abuse then & wait 2 hours later for a resident to say something he simply told me he found it kind of funny it took 6 months to report this & that he sees nothing wrong w/ the investigation & its been submitted to state and the attorney general & thats not right because i talked for 1 min & he cut me off when i was just asking questions that have not been answered such as 1.if the nurse heard the cna being abusive in any way to the resident its her job/duty to stop the abuse & report it immediately but like i said this was not the case bc it didn't happen2. if 2 aides & a nurse we

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    Answered . Essentially, you can be fired for any reason or no reason at all absent an employment contract and discrimination based on race, national origin, etc. However, call a local employment lawyer to discuss.

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    Answered . I agree, unless you have an employment contract, most employment is 'at will' meaning there doesnt have to be any basis for your termination; however, there are exceptions. You should contact an employment/labor attorney in your area to discuss the details of your termination and determine the approprate next step. Best of luck

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    Answered . You still need to call a local employment law attorney ASAP.

    Good luck.

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    Answered . Your employer has the right to terminate you for any just about any reason for the exception of discrimination.

    I recommend that you consult an employment law attorney

    Good luck.

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    Answered . You can be fired for any reason. If you are in a special group, e.g. race, gender, age, ethnicity, handicapped, etc. they may have a harder time justifying the firing. If you have a union rep, contact them ASAP. Then find the top lawyer in MS who handles employment cases. You may need to go to a large city to find the best man or woman, but its worth the trip. Good luck

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