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Contempt and Equitable Distribution

Delray Beach, FL |

My ex wife filed a Motion for Contempt for some equitable distribution that I have not been able to perform. It is under the "Division of Property" in our MSA and in NO WAY is tied to support. The GM recommended I be in contempt and pay a civil purge. I filed exceptions citing case law after case law regarding that a person cannot be in contempt for equitable distribution and that a court cannot "deem" it to be support after the fact but to no avail, the Judge ruled me to be in contempt. I am going to file a Motion to Vacate. I know I "need" a lawyer but have absoluty NO financial resources to do so. Can anyone suggest a way to get the Vacate motion expedited and possibly to be heard in front of a different Judge that will uphold Florida law? I could use any advice you could give.

It has ALSO been previously ordered in my case that I CANNOT be held in contempt for the equitable distribution portion of our MSA on a previous motion for contempt. The Judge also disregarded that.

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Wow that is a pickle! I know that you don't want to hear the part about having an attorney. However, have you considered trying to work out a payment plan with one? You would be surprised about how frequently that we take them (at least I do). I included my guide re: Selecting a Family Law Attorney in Florida......please consider reading the last section about the money part!

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What you may need to do is file a notice of appeal and go through the appellate process. Make a motion for rehearing first, and it will usually be summarily denied. Then appeal.

R. Jason de Groot, Esq., 386-337-8239

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Motion for rehearing of the original contempt motion or of the exceptions? Thanks for the help!

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