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Constitutional rights violations eighth amendment rights violations

Eden Prairie, MN |

About lawyer, public defender this woman never believed in my innocence. Always try to get me to plea everything from the start!! Was always trying to get me to plea guilty. I've tried to fire this attorney on three different occasions I can prove one right now. The other are in the court documents. Immediately before the plea agreement. I was cohurst in the hallway by my attorney I was pressure and railroaded by the county attorney and judge. Why didn't she or he file charges on my behalf. I was beaten down by the police. I was stabbed by a paramedic in the arm. I was attacked by some people in the park, all while trying to protect a child from his drug addicted non-supporting violent parents why wasn't any charges filed on my behalf, I have the right to use the 911 service, if a child is in distress doesn't he have the right to the 911 service. My attorney, public defender only defended the stereotype of me. Never defended me as a person is only a number. My Lord gentleman there is a child involved here not only did they violate the child's constitutional right to a 911 call and service also an eighth amendment violations and cruel and unusual punishment. Being subjected to staying with his drug addicted , violent homeless parents for another seven days. And what about my rights being subjected to an attorney that I tried to fire from a start. I had pictures she refused to use them. Because she says she couldn't get them off of the off the phone with the dates. I know this can be done. I have about 12 witnesses, she refused to use at least six of them. There was four fifths degree assaults placed on me. No assaults placed on the other people, including the three healthy people in the park attacking a man. Just having surgery done to his legs for peripheral artery disease, better known as PAD just trying to take his nephew to the park and a paramedic that stabbed me. Why were charges filed on my behalf . Bad advice and poor defense a public defender that should have excused herself from the case. Constitutional rights violation and eight amendment rights violations for a child and myself. Can anyone out there help? I have clear of the appellate courts documents for appeal. In my possession kind of fearful of filling them out because of my lack of legal knowledge. Don't I have the right in this country to use the 911 service for protection for myself or anyone in my custody or under my care. So says the County social services and police department?

PS...... got thrown out of my apartment to for this mass the Dept. of human rights is filing a claim on my behalf for this incident. They say, I cannot filed against the officers because it's longer than a year. Well, what the prosecutor and the public defender did is that how come I can file on them charges. Jim Crow back woods courtroom politics usually happens in the South!!!

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WOW. You have a long list of interesting facts, curious twists, and odd scenarios. It is impossible to tell if you have a case or not on the facts provided.

Couple thoughts occur to me as you move forward:

1. There is not Constitutional right to 911 service.

2. You don't have a Right to be well treated by your attorney (although your attorney should, its not a RIGHT). You do have a Constitutional right to "have the assistance of counsel". Which it appears you did receive—but that’s hard to say for sure on the facts you provided.

3. The eighth amendment says " Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted" that means the GOVERNMENT cannot inflict excessive bail, excessive fines nor impose cruel punishment on CITIZENS. The amendment is not designed to be applicable to custody situations--there are other laws for that.

4. Attorneys do not have to use every single piece of evidence in defense of a client and attorneys frequently make strategic decisions to exclude or include evidence. Not using your pictures may or may not have helped your case, but it sounds like a strategic decision, the kind which attorney frequently make.

5. Many matters have statutes of limitations-if you miss the statute of limitation for filing, the privilege to sue on the matter is lost. Filing against the officers in your state apparently had to be one within a certain time limit--miss the limit and the opportunity is lost unless you can show the court some significant reason you didn't bring suit earlier. Not knowing the statute of limitation is NOT a reason the courts will accept--anywhere.

Recommend you have a sit-down face to face with an appeals attorney in your state and discuss your documents and your options. Many attorney’s offer free consultations. If you can’t afford an attorney, contact a legal aid organization in your state, or many law schools offer clinics where law students under supervision of attorney-professors are authorized to bring suit in the state courts.

I wish you the best of luck.

READ THIS BEFORE CALLING OR EMAILING ME: I am licensed to practice before the state and federal courts in Virginia. Addressing your issue does not create an attorney-client relationship and I AM providing you educational information NOT legal advice. You should speak with an attorney to whom you have provided all the facts, before you take steps that may impact your legal rights. I am not obligated to answer subsequent emails or phone calls unless you have hired me. I wish you the best of luck with your situation.



So what your saying so eloquently and in very good structure and separated quite nicely. Is what a few other people like yourself have told me already I have no right's in this country, because a man goes to the park, calls 911 gets beaten and stabbed by a paramedic worked over in court by the public defender and the prosecution. No judge in this county would touch this case so they left the county and brought a judge in all the while the public defender was working to prove my guilt in a town predominantly one color. I have no right !!!What about the child's rights I call 911 for the child's safety at parents were drunk and disorderly and high off of something. There is a call, a 911 call tape. There is a so-called video of inside the car, and there was two cars. But no video outside the cars and the beating. Something some smells fishy. Again I say, the child has rights even if I don't. Constitutional rights violated eight amendment rights violated, the child's missing for seven days until I found him. No help from any police force, afraid to call them again because of the last incident child has rights Now what you say about that? Cruel and unusual punishment for me and the child. United States of America, say it ain't so? Someday you could be walking or barely able to walk through the park with the child in her care and need 911 service only to find herself beaten, handcuffed, taken to jail and stabbed by a paramedic. This is justice? Jim Crow justice White dog Justice !!! Heaven help us then !!!

Rixon Charles Rafter III

Rixon Charles Rafter III


No. I simply gave my recommendation that you should sit down with an appeals attorney in your jurisdiction. You may have rights that were infringed--you simply didn't CONSTITUTIONAL rights that were violated--that was your initial question wasn't it?



First of all I have to say Sir. There's nothing simple about this situation also your recommendation is helpful to who? I'm not sure? unsympathetic words What I am sure of is an attorney, blatantly disrespecting an abandoned 50% white child , a black disable man ,a black American family with origins from Africa. Not by our choice!!!, her job, her duties, her responsibilities to her client. The city in which she works at county in which she resides a state which she hails from and the American Constitution. These accusations go unchallenged to this day!!! This is about a month and a haf old now dying as we speak . I need action not be unhelpful words. Nor some kind of legal test, you can take? If not call your colleagues, show me how to raise a penny funds to mount a legal defense this quiet anarchy in the justice system, where I'm from, must not prevail and blatant disrespect for the United States Constitution. I say again, sir, is misrepresentation of the client's wishes in crime withholding evidence refusing to call witnesses. 1, All the witnesses!!! 2,Still refusing before and after learning of clients wishes. 3, When she knew them from the start,4, Not send a letter to the judge! In fact advised against re-opening the case to the judge! 5, Not defendant me before the judge, 6,Never defending the child rights from the day he was taken. 7, Not acknowledging that the police force in this jurisdiction did nothing while drug addicted violent vagrants and felons had a small child not helping me get the child back. No child after five days refusing to acknowledge a call was ever made. Letting me alone in my weakened state by PAD surgery stitches a month after the surgery. The beat down In both legs by police department, sheriff department and stabbed in the arm by paramedic still going out and searching for this child. Not helping me get the child back to this day not acknowledging that the social service center had full knowledge of the child at the time of this incident and from lack of communications between departments, which the police already knew of these very sick people to and refusing to stop the eviction of me and my family because of this tragic situation starting over two years ago. What ever happened to a speedy and fair trial. They have second trial almost 2 years later, she brings another plea-bargain to the table, after we had won the first trial by way of self-defense against the paramedic that said that I bit him not that I try. But then I bit him, and on that fateful day, four times Alfred plea-bargain four times came my way via my public defender on day whole issue defending dare i say. I tried to fire her on this day once this day three and all, the judge refused me again. It's on the order. I have in my possession I guess it skipped over this county? Boy, I could sure users some friends, right here in the good old USA? Forgive my grammar, David Slaughter952-583-5528 USA area called!



All the proud great big American lawyers out there. No one is willing to help a five-year-old child and an almost 50-year-old man. Aren't there any people on the ground like people in air on 9/11 I have tried Naacp, ACLU, operation push, action network, and even some e-mail to our Pres. Obama White House. Reporters and editors have been hanging up on the left and right and we star celebrities, athletes, politicians. What is our country, coming to? I don't care who you are you should be able to use the 911 service and protection of any children anywhere in America. So says our great Constitution of this country and if anyone hurts a child. Anyone!!! They should be made to pay for the consequences of that action. Even a police officer, a paramedic and County Atty. working right alongside public defender to push people's cases through with a pleas. Even if there innocent!!! Dare I say this goes deeper going on much longer I'll be able to say these things. God bless you, readers, and God bless America God bless the children. They did not asked to be here!





Question if you have an attorney and appear before the judge is bound to defend your issues. Your public defender can sit in the back row or behined me and say nothing on my behalf is that legal?


In every state there are time limits for a person to challenge a conviction by motion or appeal. In some states, you can file beyond those time limits for certain types of legal issues.

If you want to fire a retained attorney, you merely have to have the new attorney show up and replace him, filing an appropriate form. If you want to fire an appointed attorney, you have to ask the judge. If the judge refuses, that presents a reasonable issue to raise on appeal.

If you plead guilty to a crime, that eliminates about 90% of the possible legal issues that you might otherwise have raised. However, if your attorney gave you bad advice, that no reasonable attorney would have given, that caused you to plead guilty, that might qualify as ineffective assistance of counsel, a 6th amendment violation. You could raise that if you are able to file a motion in the criminal case at all, and are not blocked by the passage of time.

You talk about your lawyer not calling all the witnesses which is confusing, since if you pled guilty you would not have a trial at which witnesses could be called. An attorney at a trial must decide which witnesses to call and not to call. On appeal, those decisions can be challenged as ineffective assistance of counsel. They will be found ineffective only if the attorney acted as no reasonable attorney would have, and if the failures were likely to have changed the outcome of the case.

Only prosecutors can file criminal charges. Neither you, nor a child, nor anyone else except the prosecutor, has the right to have a particular person prosecuted. If the prosecutor chooses not to file charges that you want charged, you have no remedy at all, except to go to another prosecutor. Sometimes the state attorney general, or a federal prosecutor, will take action when a local prosecutor will not. However, if you did plead guilty to a crime, this is reasonably likely to be treated as an admission by you that you were the one at fault.

If you were convicted at a trial, the jury (or judge) is not required to believe your version of events, and can believe the other witnesses, even if you say they were lying. If there was a fight, the prosecutor can decide who to charge and not charge. Despite the prosecutor's decision, you will not be convicted and sentenced without pleading guilty, or being found guilty at trial.

There is no constitutional right to have access to a 911 service. You have no constitutional right to raise the constitutional rights of others. If it is not your child, you can complain to the government about the way the parents are treating the child, but it will be up to the government to decide whether the child is being mistreated or not, and if child protection agencies should get involved. I have trouble understanding how the child's "right" to call 911 has been infringed by the government, when the only person trying to make such a call was apparently you, and not the child.

In places where a 911 service exists, you can call them to report an emergency situation, but if the government believes you lied when making such a call, they can prosecute you for that.

The 8th amendment protection against cruel and unusual punishment allows a person to challenge punishments imposed by the government in a criminal case. You did not specify what punishment a judge imposed against you, nor did you even tell us what you were convicted of. It is hard to find an 8th amendment violation without knowing what crime you were convicted of and what punishment the judge imposed.

Actions or inactions by parents or guardians of children are not covered by the 8th amendment, even if the parent or guardian is punishing the child. The 8th amendment regulates only punishments imposed by government, not punishments imposed by private individuals.

Contact me at 248-399-6930 for a free consultation. You and I do not have an attorney-client relationship formed by our communications on this website. Advice given by me on this website is general advice based on partial information. You should not rely on any advice given without first hiring a lawyer in the area where the case is pending, and providing that lawyer with full information.



How do you go about finding out how to contact attorney general,or federal prosecutor in Indiana?And how long is too long to go back and get a due process violation?And is due process violation a violation of 8th amendment rights?

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