Conspiracy in the Los Angeles courts

The mental health court in Los Angeles is being used as a punishment for defendants who want to take their cases to trial. There are doctors on the state's payroll who will declare the "over-competent" competent. It's an incredibe outrage that lawyers should be aware of. I am a witness.

Los Angeles, CA -

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John M. Kaman

John M. Kaman

Criminal Defense Attorney - San Francisco, CA

I'm not sure what the outrage is. Mental health courts are used to help seriously disordered people. Here in SF you must have an Axis 1 psychological order to qualify for the program. If you don't no one can send you there.

If you are talking about competency proceedings under PC 1368 that is a different matter. No one should have to stand trial unless they are able to understand the proceedings and assist their lawyer in their defense.

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