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Condo Association is not divulging property assignment information to me.

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In my condo association, there are assigned parking spots, and each unit is assigned AT LEAST one spot. My unit is assigned one spot, and the association document allows transfer of spots between units so long as units still have at least one spot after the transfer. I'd really like an additional parking spot, and I'm willing to pay. So, I want to see who owns which spot so I can see if an owner of a unit with multiple spots wants to sell one of the spots to me. I also know some of the spots are still owned by the Developer (50% of the units are developer owned). However, the Association has refused to tell me the parking spot assignments near my building. How can I get this information and is the Association obligated to give this information to me?

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Ownership of the condos are public record. I would mail all owners and tell them you are interested in purchasing an additional parking spot. If you receive responses, then you will know what spots are available.


The Association may have a good reason for not disclosing the specific assignments. You could ask for them to identify the units that have more than one space or if there is space that you do want, find out the connected unit. If the Association still resists, your best and most efficient option is find another way to get the information. You can post a notice on the community bulletin board or mail letters to each of the unit owners

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Can I request access to view the Association records and documents? I believe there are laws that must allow the a unit owner to view Association documents, when its made in writing, and they 10 days to do so. Would I be able to view the assignments using this approach?

Staci H Genet

Staci H Genet


Association records are accessible to the extent they are not protected. The Association may claim that the information is protected and if the Associations reasons may be considered reasonable: ie to protect the privacy and security of the unit owners. The law provides us with many things we can do...a good attorney will use the tools that best accomplishes the goal while considering the clients needs and restraints: ie budget.

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