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Concerning poverty guidelines and the i-864 affidavit of support

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I am a US citizen who is a stay-at-home mom. My immigrant husband is a visa overstay case, who is our sole financial provider. Our household included 2 children, for a total of 4 members. We're working on getting a green card, but have had trouble finding a co-sponsor for him, but have recently had a friend agree to help us. She has a household size of 3. Question: Is it correct that I am the primary petitioner even though I have no income? (family based) Would that make our family friend a secondary petitioner even though its HER income we'll be using on the i-864? So how many people does SHE have to consider to meet poverty guidelines? Our 4 + her 3? Or just her 3 + my immigrant husband? Or us 4 + herself? Please help! I haven't been able to find clear answers on this. Thanks

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1. Yes you are the primary sponsor because you are your husband's petitioner.
2. Your friend is a joint sponsor.
3. 4, which means her household of 3 plus your husband.


I agree with Mr. Iziokhai. Your friend will count her 3-member family plus your husband.

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I agree with my colleagues. You are the primary sponsor and your friend is the co-sponsor. She will count the members of her household plus your husband. which means that you must complete and I-864 even if you are not employed and do not have any income. Your friend will complete a separate I-864 and provide all required supporting documents. It may be adviseable to get the assistance on an experienced immigration attorney to ensure that your case is properly documented. Best wishes.

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