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Concerning mugshots of me online...

Aiken, SC |

I was arrested for the first and only time in November of 2012; of course, my "mugshot" is all over the internet. Also, if you do a Google search of my name plus my city/state, it brings up my arrest info. Well, I was put on Pre-Trial Intervention and successfully completed this. I will soon have that record expunged. What I need to know is whether it's possible to have my mugshots/arrest information removed, without charge, from Google, etc.? There's almost no point in paying for an expungement when anyone can Google my name and see my past, especially a potential employer. Any advice?

Attorney Answers 1

  1. Agreed. This is the limitations of expungement in the age of internet. You might want to contact Google and see if they would agree to take down material like this.