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Concerning "Interrogatories in Aid of Enforcement..." from a collection agency that has a judgment against me...

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This judgment concerns debt incurred before I was married. I haven't filed individual taxes since 2008 and copies are wanted of my tax returns for the past three years. I haven't been employed since early 2009 (and that was brief). Do I have to provide copies of my joint tax returns, even if the income was from my husband? How will that be distinguished? Thank you!

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You may be required to provide the returns. However, you may answer the question seeking the returns by stating that you did not have income and all returns were joint and merely show your husband's income. If the party propounding the interrogatories thinks that there is a permissible reason to seek such returns, they will have to file a motion with the court and you will have a chance to argue your side. A judge will then decide whether the returns need to be produced.

You may wish to hire an attorney to assist you with this matter. Additionally, you may wish to try to negotiate a payment plan or consider filing bankruptcy.

Please be advised that any information or advice given herein does not constitute an attorney client relationship. Further, before taking any actions or deciding not to take any actions, you should seek counsel of an attorney. This forum cannot provide you with the anyalysis and detail necessary for a full and accurate opinion to be rendered.

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You should respond with only the facts and nothing more. I would not offer the tax returns until a judge ordered them to be disclosed.

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