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Con Edison, Utility Bill, Direct Payment

Bronx, NY |
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After I missed a payment, the utility company sent me a notice saying that If I don't pay my current bill plus a $210 deposit I was going to get my lights disconnected. The other option of not making a deposit was to sign up for direct payment. My question is, If I pay them in full, do I have to give a deposit so they don'y cut my lights out. If the do turn my lights off after I have paid them all I owe them, but not give them a deposit, what legal actions can I take against them to restore my lights and pay me for any damages or inconviniance that they may cause. I went to the public service commission once before with a similar case, but they said I had to sue Con Edison. What consumer protection rights I have against this monolopy trying to bully me into a direct payment plan.

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  1. Do you qualify for utility payment assistance from New York City?

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