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Complex name change: petitioning to change maiden name before taking husband's name

Ventura, CA |

I've been married for 3 years, but never took my husband's last name, even though I use his name socially. I want to make the change legally, but before I do, I want to change my maiden name. (I've severed all ties with that family and want to leave their name behind.)
Current name: A
Husband's name: B
Name I am petitioning for: C

Can you offer any advice in going from A ==> C ==> B?

Will I need a new license, soc card, passport, etc. in Name C before applying for them in Name B? Or is it enough to use my court certified paperwork to change my marriage license, using that amended marriage license to get new IDs in my new name (B)?

Do you see why I need advice? :-)

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I would think that as long as you don't use the new name (C) for anything other than as a new last name, then you shouldn't need a new license, etc., before you change to your husband's last name (B).

I can be reached at 714-442-1522 if you have further questions. Before accepting any answer as a final answer, you should have your case reviewed by an attorney. No attorney on Avvo has read your paperwork and therefore cannot give a completely valid answer suited to your case.

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