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Commercial driver license insurance ....will the company's insurance drop me

Oakland, CA |

I'm a commercial driver picked up dui four and a half years ago got my license back after one year and went back to work for company I been driveing for for ten years now I picked up a wet reckless I did not loose my license I won DMV hearing will my company's insurance now drop me cause of new wet reckless conviction???

Or will they raise thier rates on me....I'm pretty sure my employer is self insured what does that mean ?

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Well it sounds like your most recent incident resulted in a wet reckless and you won DMV hearing. I doubt the reckless will result in the insurance company dropping you. Have you spoken to your attorney about this?

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not likely. But may depend on particular carrier.

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It may drop you a wet reckless conviction is a two-port major on your
driving record

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