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I attended a private college in Sacramento, CA back in 2003. I had government student loans which I am currently still paying and have been current on them for many years. The school is stating that I owed them a balance of $100 a month because my student loans were not covering the total cost of the classes. They received all my loan money! I tried to recently retrieve my transcripts and there is a financial hold on them. The account has been referred to an attorneys office since 2004. My question is why haven't they in 9 years sent me any notices that I owed the money? Is there a statute of limitations on the debt? Can they withhold my transcripts forever? The attorney that I spoke to who has my account was very mean and demanding so I just hung-up.

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Carol Anne Johnson

Carol Anne Johnson

Trusts Attorney - Saint Petersburg, FL

OK, first off, hanging up is not going to resolve your issue. Right now, you need an attorney yourself (in CA) who can review the contract you have with the school and determine if you do owe them money and what your options are. DO NOT LET THIS GO! Every day, you are accruing additional interest on that "loan" from the school, if it is not a valid loan, then you need to get them to remove it from their books and your credit report and give you your transcripts. AVVO has many good education lawyers in CA, so you can find someone who will be able to help you.

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Jonathan Seth Corchnoy

Jonathan Seth Corchnoy

Education Law Attorney - Philadelphia, PA

I agree with Ms. Johnson not to let this go and that you need an attorney in California who is versed in contract and debt law regarding college student loans. Certain student loans are treated differently than traditional debts such as a credit card debt. It is possible that the time to collect on this debt has expired and they must give you your grades. However, you must speak with local counsel to determine and resolve this issue.

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