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College class that falsely advertised an OSHA card

Newark, NJ |

How do I get a refund for a college class that was falsely advertised? The official University course catalog states that after successful completion for a class, you will receive OSHA certification. I have took the class and no certification the school said they don’t have the professor certified that teaches the class.

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hope you saved the advertisment. you are going to have to sue

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The first thing, as indicated, is to show a copy of the course catalog to the registrar, and if necessary the dean of students. Ask for a refund, if in fact the catalog states what you have indicated and there was no announcement prior to starting the course or within the first two weeks of the course (usually the period during which one can withdraw with a full refund) that the instructor was not OSHA certificated and therefore you would not receive certification at the end of the course. If this fails, then an action in small claims court is your only alternative. It may also be a breach of the NJ Consumer Fraud Act.

I am curious if this was a public/private nonprofit college or if this offered by a vocational college? There have been news stories about many who hire people to secure students and offer student loans that are government guaranteed. This makes the schools less concerned with graduation, qualification, and more interested in payment from the loans.

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Good luck.

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