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Citibank turned our debt that we owed over to a collection agency that is a lawyers office. We came to an agreement on a monthly payment amount. I have made payments for 18 mths for the agreed amount. I accidentally missed a payment and am about 20 days late. I just mailed it in with a letter of explanation. Will they try to sue saying I was in default.

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    They may sue you, but it's cheaper, easier, and less time consuming if they keep you on the payment plan. Plus, if you've made timely payments for 18 months, the law firm is more likely to get you back on he payment plan than to sue you. I would call the law, confirm they received the payment, and let them know that you want to continue with the payment plan until you pay off the debt. Then, send them a confirmation letter.

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  2. You are asking us what someone else will do? Who knows? If your legal question is if they are allowed to default you for being 20 days late, the answer is most likely yes.

  3. Besides your letter, you may also want to call the collection agency to let them know of the situation. If you have been on time in the past, they may be willing to work with you on the late payment.

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