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Collection - How to effectively collect the overpayment from doctor’s office?

Atlanta, GA |

I did not know I had overpaid the doctor’s office until received a statement from my health insurance provider. But, the doctor office refused to refund. How to effectively get my overpayment back? Thank you for your answer.

The insurance also has notified the doctor office to reimburse the patient.

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I would write a very nice letter explaining how the overpayment occurred and requesting a refund. I would send the letter certified and keep a copy. If a refund is not forthcoming you might check with the insurance company and ask for their help. A further step would be the governor's office of consumer affairs. They may or may not have jurisdiction over doctors. As a last resort you could consider an action in small claims court. Call the small claims court to get information on which county to sue in. If Doctor not incorporated must be in the county he resides in.

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The answer deserves the best because it provides options and assumes what an attorney would do.


Write the doctor's office a firm but polite letter. If they refuse, file a case in Magistrates Court against the doctor.


If they haven't responded by now they probably won't. I'd go ahead and file suit in magistrate court.


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