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My husband and I are filing for divorce. We are in both agreements of everything related to separation of property & assets and the arrangement of visitation with our 5 year old daughter. He has hired a lawyer and we all have sat down in the same room to discuss the situation....collaborative law. Do you recommend that I get my own lawyer since this lawyer stated he will only represent my husband in this case? I don't want to get blind-sided by something. Please help.

Fort Worth, TX -

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Christopher William Peterson

Christopher William Peterson

Family Law Attorney - Bryan, TX

You did not participate in collaborative law (check our website for the difference). After a draft agreed decree of divorce is drafted, you may want to have a lawyer look over it to make sure there are no holes or surprises.

Patricia Faye Bushman

Patricia Faye Bushman

Family Law Attorney - Houston, TX

What you did was not Collaborative Law. It was merely as type of settlement conference. (In my opinion, Collaborative Law is a long, drawn-out, expensive process that seems to work best for high income couples who don't mind things taking a year or two to finalize things. Most of the uncontested or agreed cases I see can be settled in a much shorter time at a reasonable cost without all the bells and whistles of Collaborative Law.)

You do need an attorney of your own to look things over and protect your interests. Since it sounds like the two of you are in agreement on most things there should not be much to do and the fees should not be that high. Good luck.

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