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CO medical dental malpractice law, tort, dental negligence

Pueblo, CO |

I got dentures and they never have fit. My dentist says implants for $7000 is the only way to make them fit. I already have paid him $5000. I have a rare blood disease and asked him to contact my hemotologist. He did not but still insisted on implants. I quit going to him and my mouth has suffered. My hemotologist wrote it out that I am not a candidate for implants as I could have severe bleeding problems. I went to another dentist and he said the dentures aren't made to fit my mouth and wants to make new ones. How can I get my money back from the first dentist?thanks Linda

I just need to get at least part of my money back so I can get dentures that fit. My mouth is really sore. Can anyone help?

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  1. Write to him, explain what you have learned and ask him to refund the monet you have paid him

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