Co executor in Kansas won't pay beneficiary in Michigan

Asked almost 2 years ago - Lansing, MI

My father died dec 2008 and my brother and step sister were named co executors. She lives in Kansas and my brother and I live in Michigan. The estate was closed this past January. Kansas law requires estate to be closed before final settlement. Now she won't pay us. What advice do you have for me?

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    Answered . Attorney Shultz is correct. A harshly-written letter from an experienced Kansas probate attorney may push your step-sister to do her duty as an executor. If not, your newly-retained attorney will get the probate court involved. Good luck to you.

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    Answered . The other attorneys are correct. The court in Kansas has jurisdiction. You should not delay in consulting an attorney as there may be statutes of limitation which could bar the claim after a certain period of time.

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    Answered . You need to contact a probate attorney in Kansas to take appropriate action.

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    Answered . Use avvo to find a probate attorney in Kansas don't sit on this.

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    Answered . The proper court is the court that handled the estate, whether in Kansas or elsewhere. Other than that, I agree with the other answers you have received. You need to find a probate lawyer in the county where the court is located. Time is of the essence.

    I am licensed to practice law in Michigan and Virginia and regularly handle cases of this sort. You should not... more

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