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Civil demand letter for retail theft charges.

Melrose Park, IL |

a few months back I postd a question about a civil demnd letters in illinois. A lawyer answered that nothing would happen if ignored the letters from the stores lawyers. I ignored all their letters. I now got postcard from court clerk that default judgement enetered against me. I checked with the clerk who syas judgment is for $3,250 to the same store. How can this be? and what can I do now? I really cant pay this and don't know what to do next. The store never cam to court for the chrges were dropped

Attorney Answers 2

  1. See my answer to your duplicate question. With these details, it's apparent that you ignored not only a demand letter, but a court-issued summons. That's where you made a big mistake. You will need to file a motion to vacate the judgment and see if that works. That will probably require you to hire an attorney.

    Whether the store's people came to criminal court or not makes no difference on whether they can sue you. A lot of people make that assumption, but it's not true. You need to get to a lawyer now, and I do mean right now.

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  2. I just finished answering a similar question. My response was, and is, that a civil demand letter does not create an obligation to pay. but to pay special attention to any communication from a court. Being sued is not the same as getting a letter from a law firm.

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