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Civil Demand Letter

Chino Hills, CA |

I was caught shoplifting for Kohls in June. I talked to the Kohls LP and an officer that was called and they both agreed to drop criminal charges but let me know that I would be receiving a civil demand letter in the mail. Over the summer i received three letters from Michael Ara Isen law firm demanding i pay $325. I ignored all 3 letters and thought that after but now again after a months time i received a same deman letter for 225$ but from a different law firm named Alison.I. Blaine demanding to pay this amount within next 30 days. I talked to a few lawyers but want to have a few more opinions on what i should do . Whether to pay or keep disregarding? the fall out of both of those? and whether i should contact the the alison i blaine law firm or not?

Attorney Answers 2

  1. Ignore the letters.