Civil Appeal to Nevada Supreme Court

The Supreme Court denied my appeal because it was premature. Another words we don't have a final judgment yet. Can I file another appeal once we do have a final judgment?

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Michael Brian Lee

Michael Brian Lee

Appeals Lawyer - Las Vegas, NV

You can appeal certain interlocutory issues or request extraordinary writs before a final judgment, but Nevada Rules of Appellate Procedure 3 and 4 generally governs the timing for appeals following a final judgment. You should review those rules to determine if/when the timing starts; otherwise, you should consult with an attorney for further guidance.

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Matthew T. Cecil

Matthew T. Cecil

Employment / Labor Attorney - Las Vegas, NV

The short answer is yes. Based upon the information you provided it sounds like your case is on-going in the trial court. Once there is a final judgment, then you may file your appeal. However, Mr. Lee's statements are also correct.

Good luck.

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