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Cited for Careless driving 3714(A), how can I have it reduced to avoid increase in insurance premium and points on my license.

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I was making a left hand turn at an intersection. At the same time I was making my turn, my phone went off, I looked down to see it and next thing I know I hit a parked car which, in turn, hit another parked car. The responding officer cited me for careless driving and I have my summary trial in two days. My past driving history has careless driving on it and I'd prefer if I didn't get cited for it again. I'd also rather not lose my license / pay out the wazoo for insurance. I obviously would like to have the citation erased all together; however, how practical is that? What is a lesser charge I could ask the judge to consider? Could I try and be cited for 3361 pertaining to driving at a safe speed? Thanks in advance for your help.

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  1. First you want to make sure you enter a plea of not guilty and request a hearing. Secondly make sure you hire an attorney to go to Cpurt with you. Many times an attorney can talk with the officer and/or Assistant District Attorney depending on the Court and work something out so you will hopefully avoid points. Good luck.

  2. The best advise I can provide is that you retain an experienced criminal defense attorney to represent you at the hearing. The attorney will know the law and may be able to speak with the police officer and plead in court that the charge should be changed to a non point violation. Good luck.

  3. Because careless driving carries 3 points and you have a prior 3 point offense, you may face a departmental hearing if convicted.

    While the officer may agree to a lower charge, it is often difficult to negotiate such a resolution by yourself.

    Please note the Lancaster District Attorney will NOT negotiate a lower charge on appeal. Contact a lawyer to assist you.

    F. Dean Morgan
    The Morgan Law Firm

  4. Spend a couple hundred bucks for a local traffic court lawyer to fight it.

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