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CIS and emancipation motion.

Brick, NJ |

Do I have to fill out a CIS when I file for a motion to emancipate my 21 years old son? I would still have to pay child support for my daughter who is in collage at this time. Thanks for any help.

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A Case Information Statement must be filed if you are asking the court to set (or recalculate) a support obligation or to rule upon an application for attorney fees. If the only issue before the court is "emancipation" you would not be required to file a Case Information Statement.

However, I would anticipate that your current child support obligation is set for two (2) children, and with the emancipation of your son you would be asking for any child support obligation you may have owed on his behalf to be terminated and for the court to therefore recalcuate your child support obligation for the one (1) remaining child. Under such circumstances you would be required to file a Case Information Statement.

Kenneth A. White, Esq.

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Yes because your motion may cause a recalculation of child support for your daughter or reconfiguration of payment of her college expenses.

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For motions for emancipation you do not need to file a CIS; however the court may re-calculate your support obligation and require you to file one at a later time.

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