Children as messengers with support check and visitation

Ex makes sporadic token support pymnts ( btwn 1/10th and 1/5th of the ordered amnt, pays no 50% medical & no court ordered health ins for the children-been to court 3 times& found in contempt-2 civil & criminal-no sentence and doesn't follow the court orders from the contempts. CSE involved since 2009. Susp DL all that has been done). New issue-2 court orders directing payments made to state disbursement as well as notice from CSE. Few chks mailed directly to me. Now, gives kids(12 and 16) envelopes to give to me, even when he is standing right there. lst wk, apparently a check didn't make it-was found in his yard after I picked up kids-he called my daughters phone askd to spk to son and yelled at him-had him ask why I threw the env out window. told him to mail check-he refuses. ??

New Port Richey, FL -

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Christopher Sean Mulligan

Christopher Sean Mulligan

Family Law Attorney - Brooksville, FL

Using minor children as messengers for support or other contested issues is not appropriate. That being said, it sounds like you've had your ex held in contempt before. If you know he has the ability to pay more, an additional contempt hearing may lead to his incarceration and require that he pay a "purge amount" to get out.

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John Arthur Smitten

John Arthur Smitten

Family Law Attorney - Clearwater, FL

He is supposed to pay through the clerk if he pays directly to you it throws off the clerk numbers so he is screwing himself.

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