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Child visited Doctors 100 times in 30 mos. Doctor modified records to only count 65 visits in 36 months. Is this illegal?

Brooklyn, NY |

Malpractice, medical records tampering

Doctor avoided all topics of munchausen syndrome by proxy. Visits were reported to head of child abuse program and the head of child abuse program (a college friend of said doctor) said nothing is amiss here. The head of the child abuse program never reviewed medical records. The visits averaged 1 every 9 days. Frequency of visits ceased the minute I complained to courts however the courts appointed law guardian did not feel concerned about the visits. Fairly certain the law guardian's children go to same doctor. Doctor is largest practice is community.

Attorney Answers 4

  1. Have a local attorney in your state investigate the tampering by sending the records to an expert.

  2. As Mr. Lassen advised have a local attorney investigate ASAP.

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  3. Get the insurance billing records or Medicaid or Medicare records. See if the billing records prove the doctor altered his or her records. Also get a complaint form from OPMC off the Internet and file it. OPMC is the office of professional medical conduct.

  4. A physican may amend records, but it must be clearly shown as such within the records. Alteration of records for purposes of avoiding evidence in malpractice or other reasons is actionable. It also results in disclaimer of coverage by the malpractice insurer. It would be surprising if 35 office visits disappeared since I am certain that they would have billed someone for them and there is a financial audit trail.

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